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City Tour - Towards West

Subash Park
Subash park is a public park which is located in the heart of the city, spread over 11.5 acres with gardens, musical walkways, lighting systems, expanded meeting area, children play ground . No entry fees for enjoying this park.
Direction:  W      Distance:  5 Km   

Ernakulam Siva Temple
Situated in the heart of the city, facing Rajendra Maidan is one of the ancient temples in Central Kerala built during the Maharaja rule. Lord Shiva also known as 'Ernakulathappan' is the presiding deity of this temple. This is one of the rarest Siva Temples where the deity is facing the sea towards west. The temple has Deity of siva & Parvathy in Kirathamurthy form which is claimed to be self originated (Swayambhoo).
Direction:  W      Distance:  5 Km   

Marine Drive
Marine Drive is considered to be one of the most beautiful part of Kochi city. The Walkway here, along the edge of the backwaters starting from behind the Children's Park to the end of the Shanmugham Road with excellent view of the backwaters and the harbour, has become popular with both locals and tourists. The 140-metre walkway is paved with black-dotted, red-carpet ultra tiles. Cast-ironed, wooden benches, weather-proof seating and the breeze blowing in, provide recreational relaxation and the from here is excellent.
Direction:  W      Distance:  5 Km   

Children's Park (Priyadarshini Park)
Located adjacent to Subash Park, the main attractions of the park are pedal boating pond, roller skating, musical fountain, mini toy train running through the park, small vehicles for hire, play music fountain where children can dance to the music played while the water splashes on them etc.
Direction:  W      Distance:  5 Km   

Parikshith Thampuram Museum
Situated near the Ernakulam Siva Temple, This museum features collections of the 19th century paintings , Pre-historic monuments , Scriptures in stone & Plaster of paris, Copies of mural paintings, Old coins in a numismatic gallery & the collection from the Cochin royal family. Timings: 9:00 hrs to 12:30 hrs and 14:00 hrs to 16:30 hrs, Closed on Mondays.
Direction:  W      Distance:  5 Km   

Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy Gallery of Contemporary Art
It is situated at the Durbar Hall ground on D H Road. The hall had been the durbar of the raja of Cochin.
Direction:  W      Distance:  5 Km   

Renewable Energy Park
The renewable Energy park is a part of Childrens park which explains various natural Energy sources and their working to the children. Separte entry fee is for visiting the The renewable Energy park.
Direction:  W      Distance:  5 Km   

Broadway, despite its name is a narrow road lined with shops running parallel to the Marine Drive. This was the city's busiest commercial centre in the yesteryears. Even now Broadway is always busy and the best buys include clothes, plastic items, hardwares, and spices.
Direction:  W      Distance:  5 Km   

Menaka Shopping Centre
GCDA commercial complex and the Pioneer Towers houses a variety of showrooms selling a range of wares from perfumes, watches, bags & suitcases, music CD's, mobile phones, electronic goods, textiles to refrigerators, many business establishments and several fast food and restaurants. The Penta Menaka complex on the right side of Shanmugham Road, also has fast food cafes and restaurants, and a variety of duty free shops selling mainly electronic items and mobile phones . The shops in these complexes usually open at 10am and close around 8pm on weekdays and remains closed on Sundays.
Direction:  W      Distance:  6 Km   

Bolghatty Island & Palace
A long narrow palm-fringed island now connected by the Gosree bridge, is where the Bolgatty Palace is situated amidst 15 acres of lush green lawns. Built by the Dutch in 1744 AD, it became the seat of the British Resident later. The palace is now converted to a hotel and has a golf course on its grounds. Several vantage points for lovely views of the harbour & the sea.
Direction:  W      Distance:  6 Km   

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary
This small protected mangrove forest area situated right in the heart of Kochi city, a haven for birds, is located on Dr. Salim Ali Road, adjacent to the High Court of Kerala. Winter migrants include species coming from Kashmir and even distant Siberia. Best time to visit : mid- January to early March
Direction:  W      Distance:  6 Km   

Maritime Kochi Museum
At the museum, the visitors are enlightened on the evolution of the navy since 1612, when the Indian Marine was established in Surat and highlights Indian Navy's share of glory, when it took on its aggressors and eventually emerged victorious in the end. A section of the museum presents interesting aspects of shipbuilding activities in India. It unravels India's prowess in shipbuilding, which took its culture to the shores of Java, Sumatra and Bali between 3rd century BC and 12th century AD.Visiting hours: 0930 to 1300 hrs &1400 to 1800 hrs.
Direction:  W      Distance:  7 Km   

St. Mary's Church, Vallarpadam
St. Mary's church is located in the middle of Vallarpadam island across the backwaters from the mainland Ernakulam This popular shrine was built by the Portuguese missionaries in 1524. History has it that the old church, which was then known as the Church of the Holy Spirit, was destroyed in floods in the 17th century and a new church was built on the same spot in 1676. It was declared a special church by Pope Leo XIII in 1888. In 1951, the Union Government declared it a major pilgrim centre. The church was declared the status of a basilica on February 12, 2005. The church has the famous picture of the 'blessed Virgin Mary' which the Portuguese brought from their native land.
Direction:  W      Distance:  11 Km   

This unique amusement park offering a world of non-stop fun and adventure. Sprawling over 18.5.acres, the main attractions include caterpillar trains, a 500- seater theatre with a Musical fountain, the exciting family Fun Pool, the Nest housing a variety of exotic birds, and an array of water rides.
Direction:  W      Distance:  12 Km   

Palliport (Pallipuram) Fort
The oldest European fort built in India, built by the Portuguese in 1503, situated at the far end of Vypin island. It is Small and hexagonal, the structure's walls have around 20 cannon emplacements.The Dutch captured the fort in 1661 and sold it to the State of Travancore in 1789. Open on Thursdays.
Direction:  W      Distance:  12 Km   

Light House - Vypin
The Vypin lighthouse or Cochin lighthouse is situated at Puthuvype in Vypin island. Even though the current lighthouse started functioning only by 15 November 1979, the Cochin lighthouse has a long history. The lighthouse which was functioning in Fort Kochi from 1839 was shifted to Puthuvype in 1979. The tower has a height of 43 meters and is made of double layered concrete. The light beam has the range of 28 nautical miles. The view from the top of the light house is marvelous, it provides a panoramic glimpse of the city beneath. Entry to the light house is permitted from 3 P.M to 5 P.M
Direction:  W      Distance:  12 Km   

Indo-Portuguese Museum
A very small museum but has some interesting exhibits, situated Adjacent to the Bishop House, Fortkochi.The museum is divided into 5 main sections, according to the nature of items displayed. They are Altar, Treasure, Procession, Civil Life and Cathedral. Visiting Hours: 10 to 17hrs. Closed on Mondays and all Public Holidays. Entry is free on 1st Thursday of every month.
Direction:  W      Distance:  16 Km   

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