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City Tour - Towards South

Cochin Harbour and Willingdon Island
Cochin, one of the finest natural harbours in the world, and the only all weather harbour on the west coast. Willingdon Island is a man-made island created from the material dredged while deeping Kochi Port, named after Lord Willingdon a former British Viceroy to india. Situated between the main land Emakulam and the old town Mattancherry and separated by the backwaters. Cochin Harbour, Southern Naval Command, Port Trust head quarters, major trading centers etc. are situated at Willingdon Island. Connected to the mainland by road-cum-railway Venduruthy Bridge.
Direction:  S      Distance:  8 Km   

Dutch Palace
The Dutch Palace (Mattancherry palace) was originally built by the Portugese. Later, in 17th century and presented to the Maharaja of Cochin in 1555 AD, in 1663 AD the Dutch modified it and presented to the Raja Veera Kerala Varma of Kochi. Coronation of many Rajas of Kochi were held in the Central Hall of this double- storey quadrangular building. Rooms adjacent contain breathtaking 17th-century murals depicting scenes from the Puranas and the great epics - the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.Open 10 AM to 5 PM. Closed on Fridays.
Direction:  S      Distance:  14 Km   

Jew Town
Jew street is the narrow street between Mattancherry Palace and the Pardesi Synagogue.The colonial buildings lining the street add to its old-world charm. Jew street is famous for the antique shops all along its sides. The curio and antique shops along the street are capable of enchanting the visitors with their variety and rarity.
Direction:  S      Distance:  15 Km   

Jewish Synagogue Mattancherry
The Synagogue at Mattancherry built in 1568 AD is the oldest Synagogue in the Common Wealth Countries. It was partially destroyed in the war of 1662, but was rebuilt by Dutch. In the mid 18th century the clock tower was added. The Great Scrolls of the Old Testament, copper plates on which the grants of privilege made by the Cochin rulers were recorded, gold and silver crowns gifted by various patrons to the synagogue. The synagouge is decorated with Chinese hand-painted willow patterned tiles and Belgian chandeliers. Open 10 AM to 12 Noon and 3 PM to 5 PM. Closed on Saturdays and Jewish holidays.
Direction:  S      Distance:  15 Km   

Santa Cruz Basilica, Fort Cochin
This Roman Catholic church is situated near the St.Francis church is a specimen of portugese architecture built in 1558. "Frescoes" and mural paintings decorate the ceiling and interior parts of the church. During the Dutch conquest of Cochin in 1663, all Catholic monuments, except a few, were crushed. One of the decorative granite pillars of the destroyed church is preserved as a relic in the basilica.
Direction:  S      Distance:  16 Km   

St. Francis Church Fort Cochin
This Protestant church, originally built by the Portuguese in 1510 AD, is believed to be the oldest existing European church in India. Vasco da Gama was originally buried here in 1524 AD before his remains were sent to Lisbon, 14 years later. In spite of that the exact place where he was buried has been marked out inside the church. Closed on Sundays
Direction:  S      Distance:  16 Km   

Fort Kochi beach
A stroll along the beach, particularly at sunset with the chinese fishing nets and sailing ships in the background, is a fine experience. Many European style bungalows can be seen along the shoreline. The chinese fishing nets found here are the only ones of its kind in India, a legacy of the trading connections between China and India many centuries ago. It is believed that traders from the court of the Chinese ruler Kublai Khan introduced these nets here. These nets, at the entrance of the harbour and along the backwaters with pivots of wood, are the icon of Cochin sea trade.
Direction:  S      Distance:  16 Km   

Alappuzha, also known as Alleppey is a town with picturesque canals, backwaters and lagoons, it was described as the "Venice of the East" by Lord Curzon. Snake boat races are the most significant traditional event in Alappuzha usually held between August and October, and involve long thin boats powered by up to 120 oarsmen. The most famous snake boat race is the Nehru Trophy Boat Race which will be conducted on the second saturday of the August every year.
Direction:  S      Distance:  56 Km   

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